About Us

Our Story

A long time ago, Oahu-born husband and wife, Jason & Juli, moved back home after living a good amount of years on the mainland. When they returned to Hawaii, everything was great. But there was this one thing they missed dearly... fried chicken & waffles. They soon realized it couldn't be found on this beautiful island and instantly knew what had to be done. They needed to open a restaurant! It would be the best way to share this unique sweet & savory dish.

So they set forth with Jason's super secret crispy fried chicken recipe and built a breakfast concept around it. In April 2010, Pancakes & Waffles was born in Kalihi.

People came from all over the island to experience this unusual fried chicken & waffle combo. And those who had also been searching for it, were finally satisfied. Some even say it is the best chicken & waffles they have ever had.

But the menu didn't end there. With a name like Pancakes & Waffles, they made sure to offer a wide selection of customizable pancakes and waffles. Jason & Juli didn't forget about all the local favorites like spam and loco mocos either. And of course all the other classic breakfast items made the list and some with a twist.